:Required for a Major Hospital in KSA with many branche

Required for a Major Hospital in KSA with many branches (Jeddah - Madina - Riyadh – Dammam)

The Following Specialists:

Pediatric Consultant

Pediatric Consultant PICU

Pediatric Consultant NICU

Pediatric Consultant (Heart)

Pediatric Consultant gastroenterology

Internal Consultant

Internal Consultant Endocrinology

Internal Consultant gastroenterology

General Surgery gastroenterology

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgery

Ortha Consultant Surgery

Cardiology Consultant MRI+Ct

Interventional cardiology Consultant

Optha Consultant

Anesthesia Consultant

Gyn Consultant

Consultant neurological

Intensive Care Consultant

Physical Therapy Consultant

Ent Consultant

Radiology Consultant

Derma Consultant

Chest Consultant

Histopathology Consultant

Clinical Pathology

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